About Us

In business since 1987, we bring to the table the Experience, Honesty, and Dependability you need when you make the decision to have an auction. 

We understand that your auction is an accumulation of many years of hard work either by yourself or that of a loved one that has passed away. We treat every auction with the respect that you and your family deserve. 

About our owners: 

Jim Sumners graduated from Missouri Auction School in 1968. Jimmy Reeves started working with an auction company as a clerk in July 1976. Both have remained active in the auction business since then, becoming partners in Five Star Auctioneers in 1987. Jim and Jimmy along with a crew that has been together 20+ years conduct an average of about 50 auctions a year. We have made many friends along the way and have a tremendous following.




5 Star Auctioneers